Freelance photographer.
Studies of architecture, focus at production design & CGI TU Munich and HFF Munich.
Camera assistant for fictional film and documentaries.
2015 -2017 cinematographer at nautilusfilm GmbH.
Since 2017 working as freelance cinematographer and director.

Film is my passion. The currents that arose from Film Noir are what fascinate me about the scenic film. In documentary film making, film vert, wildlife documentaries have become my most important professional field, spurred by my deep love of nature, which led me to wildlife photography already as a teenager.

I have experiences with : Sony PMW-F55 & NEX-FS700, RED Scarlet W, RED EPIC Digital Cinema, HDCAM-SR, Vision Research Phantom Miro Highspeed Camera, WEISSCAM HS-2 Highspeed Camera, Sony a7s with Atomos Shogun 4K recorder, all Nikon & Canon DSLRs with timelapse-sliders and recorders, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire.

As cameraman I am a member of staff who listens, thinks and participates actively to the project. As project designer for television, film, or the industry, I support a project from beginning to end and deliver the finished product efficiently and in a timely manner.

Fabian Fischer

cinematographer & director